Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jumping In With Both Feet

I've been thinking about blogging for a long time now, but my fear of technology has stood in my way. I've tested the waters, so to speak, by reading everything I could get my hands on about blogging...but that didn't seem to get me any closer to establishing a blog. In fact, it kept me on the sideline even longer because I realized just how much I don't yet know about gadgets, plug-ins, analytics, design, social media marketing, affiliate programs, advertising, etc.

But today I decided that if I was going to do it I needed to jump right more testing the water by dipping in a toe. I need to start splashing in puddles, drenching myself in the blogosphere. And so, this first post...

Splashing in Sunshine will celebrate the beauty, humor, and passion of the every day...the things that make me happy and inspire me...eye candy for the creative soul...daily chuckles...inspired living...objects and events that elicit smiles and warm feelings. It's a forum for sharing the positive things in our lives and for giving us a joyful perspective when we need it. Please join me in a celebration of all that makes us happy.

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