Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rocking My PajamaJeans

OK...I wasn’t feeling real positive about these jeans after getting a look at them, but I figured I’d try them out. It’s a rainy day and I have nowhere to go, so why not?  They actually fit well in the’s the wide, boxy legs that make them look so huge...and they are very comfortable. Great for hanging around the house without risking the “camel toe” of yoga pants. I don’t think I’ll be wearing them out, but they’re great for the house or working around the yard. If the legs weren’t so wide (especially in the thighs), I think I might be able to risk a trip to the grocery store in them, but with them the way they are I don’t see that happening.

The next challenge will be to see how they wash. But for now, if you work from home like I do, they’re comfortable and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door in them.